Squad news


12.02.2001 - New Scenario section
    This section is dedicated at the new "Battle of Britain" Scenario
09.11.2000 - New A.C.M. section
    This section will explain you the most common A.C.M. used in WB
28.11.2000 - Technical handbook
    Luftwaffe Focke-Wulf 190a4, 190a8 and 190d. By -illo-
07.11.2000 - New terms section
    This section will explain you the most common terms used in WB
03.11.2000 - Roster section
    Roster is now complete with correct ranks and closest to the real life
13.10.2000 - New version of Mediterranean terrain
    Download the FINAL VERSION of Med terrain [see download section]
06.10.2000 - 1.000 visitors
    We are happy to inform you that we have reached up to 1.000 visitors... thanks a lot !
03.10.2000 - Rules section
    Rules section now fully available
03.10.2000 - New WBHelper
    New Warbirds IP Configuration Helper - version 1.6
[see download section]
29.09.2000 - Technical handbook
    G4m2 "Betty" aka "Flying Zippo" - Japanese Medium Bomber. By -doku-
25.09.2000 - Roboto's Sounds Version 1.1
    New version of soundpack by "roboto" now available [see download section]
22.09.2000 - New terrain
    New Mediterranean Terrain now available [see download section]
22.09.2000 - GMT indication
    Added GMT indication on homepage for mission-planner
21.09.2000 - Roger Wilco
    Added new personalized RW Squad channel [just by clicking on RW logo in the homepage]
18.09.2000 - Technical handbook
    Ju 88A-4 - "German Multirole ‹berBomber". By -doku-
16.09.2000 - WBhelper
    Added WBhelper files [see download section]
15.09.2000 - E-mail
    New Squad E-mail for informations, suggestions, ideas, criticism and recruitments
13.09.2000 - Scores
    Added new personalized squad scores section
12.09.2000 - ICQ
    Now is possible to add pilot's ICQ number directly from roster page

08.09.2000 - Website
    Today the website of Regia Aeronautica is on line... have fun!